Sport activities at Mendel University for foreigners


Students can apply for sports activities in two ways:


Students register the sports activities in the same way as any other subjects after logging-in to the university information system (UIS)

The student may register any number of sports activities. However, only 3 sports activities during the Bachelor study and 2 during the Master study are free of charge.

If the student chooses a 3rd or more activities, he/she contributes with 45 CZK/hour/activity. The amount is paid for the whose semester, i.e. 12 weeks x 45 CZK = 540 CZK. Absences cannot be deducted from this amount.

Fitness - 750 Kč semester.

Example: The student registers Swimming and Volleyball in the summer semester. These sports are free of charge for the semester. In the next semester, these sports will be subject to a charge (see above).


B. Supplementary sports

These sports activities are offered not only to students, but also to employees and general public.

They are subject to a charge in all semesters and you can register at:

If the student chooses a supplementary sport, he/she is still entitled to the 3 free activities in the Bachelor and 2 free activities in the Master study.

  • The charge shall be paid before the first lesson. Supplementary sports cannot be attended unless the participant has paid. The instructor shall require a receipt of payment during the first lesson. If the receipt is not submitted, you are not entitled to attend the sport.
  • After the application is placed, the applicant shall get an e-mail about payment methods.
  • If you change your mind, the paid amount shall not be refunded.
  • The price of supplementary sports is fixed and applies for 10 lessons. Individual lessons cannot be paid for.
  • Supplementary sports can be combined with sports activities in the UIS. This means that students can attend both the sports activities registered in the UIS and any of the supplementary sports.


Students can also register for sports courses.


C. Sport for employees and the public

  • REGISTRATION for additional sports can be made from: to be specified in August Duration: 10 weeks Registration is mandatory.
  • Information on payments and organizational data will be sent by email after processing applications. The fee is paid only by the public and must be paid no later than one week before the start of the complementary sport! If payments are not credited to the account by the required data, the application will be automatically canceled.
  • Staff enjoy free sports. You need to log in via Start of the week from (to be specified during August).
  • Login by clicking on individual sports activities or here:
  • Examples of sports for employees and the public. Current offer of courses and registration at!



Payment for sports activities

Payments for the 3rd and further sports activities shall be made online in the following way:

Students shall contact the secretary, Ms. Zuzana Podnecká at, and ask for setting payments in the section Financing of Study in the UIS.
After that, payments can be made online.