Supplementary sports


These sports activities are offered not only to students, but also to employees and general public.

They are subject to a charge in all semesters and you can register at:

If the student chooses a supplementary sport, he/she is still entitled to the 2 free activities in the Bachelor and 2 free activities in the Master study.

  • The charge shall be paid before the first lesson. Supplementary sports cannot be attended unless the participant has paid. The instructor shall require a receipt of payment during the first lesson. If the receipt is not submitted, you are not entitled to attend the sport.
  • After the application is placed, the applicant shall get an e-mail about payment methods.
  • If you change your mind, the paid amount shall not be refunded.
  • The price of supplementary sports is fixed and applies for 10 lessons. Individual lessons cannot be paid for.
  • Supplementary sports can be combined with sports activities in the UIS. This means that students can attend both the sports activities registered in the UIS and any of the supplementary sports.

List of supplementary sports:

Golf – beginners
Golf – advanced
Jumping - Monday
Jumping - Thursday
Kayaking and paddleboarding
Sport shooting – beginners
Sport shooting – advanced