Power yoga

Focus: Power yoga means dynamic exercises inspired by yoga. It focuses on power and balance asanas; the goal remains understanding and practicing the full yogic breath in accordance with the development of physical abilities. The exercises enhance physical fitness through yoga asanas, which harmonize the body and the mind. Power yoga supports harmonization exercising and a healthy lifestyle. For some people, power yoga is a supplement or compensation to other, more demanding or overspecialized activities.

Content: This is a group exercise with individual experience, in line with breathing and accompanied by relaxation music. You will exercise the entire body, including inner organs. Power yoga relieves stress. You will learn and practice the basic breathing techniques, the basic and follow-up poses, you will learn surya namaskar and other sequences, balance and power poses, and final relaxation.

The activity will take place in the Sports Center premises, gym B1, Jana Babáka 5, Brno. Bring sportswear, a towel and a water bottle; yoga mats will be available.