Yoga is interconnection and unification. In the yoga lessons, we will interconnect the body, the breath and the spirit.

The lessons include various yoga styles; breathing techniques (pranayama), poses (asanas) and sequences of asanas (e.g. surya namaskar), as well as relaxation techniques. We will concentrate on deepening the breath, and perceiving muscles, ligaments, joints and backbone in easy poses. We will observe what effects the yoga poses have on our bodies. We will learn to stop all our thoughts and perceive the power and energy of our body, deepen the breath, balance muscle functions and improve concentration.

Yoga lessons will be quiet and easy so that they suit even the beginners and everyone finds peace and concentration.

Yoga practice has beneficial effects which will be perceived the rest of the day. The practice regulates peristalsis, metabolism, endocrine system, neurovegetative system, immunity, and cardiovascular system. The practice perfectly develops the flexibility and strength of the whole body, heals effectively, cleanses the body and relieves it from fatigue, tension and stress.