Tai Chi

Originally, this is a martial art, drawing its combat power from the principle of antithesis of energies Yin and Yang. This principle is a guiding theme of all the exercises. Thai Chi encompasses playfulness, freedom, and possibility of creative self-expression. If we maintain the consciousness of the original principle and meaning of Tai Chi, we can more easily achieve the essence of the exercise, the very heart of this art. Tai Chi is led by an experienced teacher and taught in the traditional form, unchanged, as it has been handed over for centuries.

The classic Chen-style focuses on graceful and dynamic sequences joining the fast and the quiet pace, the soft and the hard principles. Graceful movements will limber up and stretch the body, teach spatial orientation and exercise memory and concentration. Best of all, they will relive the body and the mind from everyday stress and they will induce the feeling of relaxation and self-confidence. Tai Chi is an easy and effective exercise which strengthens your health and stamina.

The goal is to understand the principles of working with your body, breath, energy and mind. Each lesson starts with stretching, relaxation and coordination exercises. Afterwards, a simple sequence is practiced. The training of strength and concentration comes at the end of the lesson. Tai Chi is suitable for everyone. You can start at any time.

The activity will take place in the Sports Center premises, gym B1, Jana Babáka 5, Brno. Bring solid gym shoes, sportswear, a towel and a water bottle.