TRX multitrainer

TRX (Total-Body Resistance Exercise) is a suspension workout system and training for the entire body. The TRX multitrainer consists of two fixed, adjustable straps with hand or leg handles. During the exercise, one part of the body rests on the ground while the other hangs in the TRX.

This conception is completely different from the traditional workout on machines. It concentrates on isolated muscles and strengthening the body core; it trains balance, coordination and flexibility of the whole body. TRX exercises use the gravity and motion to raise neuromuscular responses to changes of the body position. The techniques of suspension exercises are designed so that the entire body is engaged as one coordinated system. TRX exercises are another great step in the development of functional fitness exercises.

The goal is to accentuate the application of physical fitness gained during the lessons to the performance in sports as well as in everyday life. TRX elements are used in various fields (rehabilitation, fitness, army, senior exercises etc.) for all age groups, men or women.

The exercises are in intervals: the pairs alternate in the suspension straps. This means that the training is of aerobic nature with the necessary and appreciated rest.

Working with the body gravity in space, exercising the muscles of the whole body, improving the functions of the cardiovascular system, relieving overloaded muscles, strengthening mainly the core muscles.

Bring clean gym shoes, sportswear, a towel and a water bottle.