Box is one of the most physically demanding sports supporting health condition and self-confidence. Box is not associated with aggression; it is a combination of power, dynamics, speed and technique. Box has a positive effect in particular on the cardiovascular and respiratory system. It induces mental well-being, and reduces stress and aggression. The whole body strengthens and gets shape.
The lessons are based on the basic boxing techniques and consist of:

  • warming-up and stretching of muscles
  • training of boxing technique (punches, defenses, feet movement)
  • shadowing (fight against an imaginary opponent)
  • work in pairs (distance estimate, combination of punches and defenses, movement to both sides)
  • workout with the use of own weight (press-ups, squat jumps, sit-ups)
  • fitness exercises (jump rope, shadowing, punches with light dumbbells)
  • light sparing with gloves targeted on body and shoulders
  • final relaxation and stretching