• Fitbox is a combination of aerobic exercises with fitness box elements; this is a group lesson led by an instructor. Fitbox is highly energy-efficient workout with motivational and pace-setting music. The traditional punching bag is replaced with a specially adjusted boxing totem which weighs ca 120 kg, is partly filled with water and stands fixed to the ground. This enables better concentration on the workout.
  • The exercises are suitable both for men and women who like dynamic activities. Fitbox is a training for the whole body at a medium to high pace. The athlete often achieves the maximum strain and performance corresponding to his/her potential. The limits of aerobic range are pushed and bring beneficial psychic relaxation. The training helps strengthen muscles and improve physical fitness through building versatile endurance. It also contributes to comprehensive motor coordination.
  • We recommend comfortable sportswear (ideally sweat-wicking), clean sports shoes, plenty of fluids and a towel. Bandages (fitbox gloves) are available in the gym.
  • Fitbox lessons will take place in the Sports Center premises, gym B1, Jana Babáka 5, Brno. Bring solid gym shoes, sportswear, a towel and a water bottle.