Focus: The goal is to learn the correct racket grip, the techniques of main badminton shots and basic rules of the game. Development of physical abilities and badminton skills and promoting a healthy lifestyle. Ability to play independently.

Content: Learning basic badminton rules and techniques and independent play.

  • Court description
  • Counting
  • Racket grip: basic, backhand
  • Moving on the court
  • Types of shots: clear, drop, net shot, drive, lob, smash
  • Types of serves
  • Main mistakes
  • Independent play

The sports activity will take place in the large gym A1 in the Sports Center premises, Jana Babáka 5, Brno. Bring solid gym shoes, sportswear, a towel and a water bottle and your own badminton shuttlecocks. We can lend you rackets if necessary.