Kin-Ball is a non-traditional ball game with origins in Canada. It is based on teamwork, movement and fair play. The differences between men and women or between athletes and non-athletes are eliminated. Kin-Ball is played by 3 teams at a time with a large ball of 1.22 m diameter. Kicks and strokes by any body part are used for getting the ball into motion. Kin-Ball with its non-traditional rules and aids represents a unique connection of sport and fun. The game does not require long training, its rules are simple, and players spend 72 % of the game time moving, according to a research. Kin-Ball is played by 12 players in the field. At present, the game is played by amateurs as well as professionals on the level of European and world championships.


- Warm-up and stretching with the help of a ball
- Safety instructions
- Learning basic skills (kicks, strokes, ball processing, pass, team movement with the ball, serve, offense, defense, slip, above-standard offensive methods)
- Preparation and learning game operations
- Playing Kin-Ball
- Trotting and stretching