Kickboxing is a sport which combines traditional martial arts with boxing punches. This is a group sports activity, which can be performed either in full contact or contact-free while using specific aids; its goal is to increase physical fitness, to strengthen and stretch the whole body, to improve concentration and to induce mental well-being. Kickboxing may also be used as self-defense.

The course focuses on learning and practicing the basic technique based on martial arts, learning and practicing stances, kicks, punches and defenses, non-contact training, and training in pairs.

The goal is to develop and improve physical abilities, develop and perfect power, speed and endurance, enhance coordination skills, encourage positive attitude to martial arts and understanding conflict, to learn conflict resolution and respect for the opponent, to strengthen cardiovascular system, to reduce stress and aggression, and to positively stimulate healthy personal development.

Bring: clean gym shoes, sportswear, a towel and a water bottle. Aids and equipment are available in the gym.