Circuit training

  • This is a comprehensive training program, involving both the features of cardio and power exercises. Circuit training strengthens muscles, firms up the body, accelerates metabolism, burns fats, and helps shape the figure. During the lesson, you move in a circle from one station to another after a certain time interval.
  • You use the weight of your own body or various special aids with motivational music and under the guidance by an instructor. All parts of the body will exercise in a logical order during the training. This is a group lesson, but you have a large degree of independence at the stations. The activity is suitable for everyone who wants to strengthens muscles at a medium pace and let off steam during varied and dynamic exercises.
  • The activity will take place in the Sports Center premises, gym B1, Jana Babáka 5, Brno. Bring solid gym shoes, sportswear, a towel and a water bottle.