Aqua aerobic

Aqua aerobic is a fun form of exercising, which uses the natural resistance and upward push of water and is an easy-going and effective form of physical strain. It is suitable for men and women of various levels of fitness, It belongs to the group of fitness and rehabilitation programs, uses fitness features with music and various water aids. The exercises in water are dynamic and you are sure not to be cold.

You will exercise in water level reaching approximately to your chest. Special swimming skills are not required, but you must be able to swim!

The goal of the exercises is to improve all components of physical fitness: muscle endurance and strength, aerobic capacity, joint flexibility, neuromuscular coordination, correct posture and mental relaxation.

The sports activity focuses on the training and perfecting of basic training elements in the mid-deep water, short dynamic sequences, power workout with resistive aids, exercises for individuals and pairs and group exercises with various water aids.

The lessons will take place in the basement pool of the school ZŠ Milénova 14, 638 00 Brno-Lesná, map.
The duration of the lesson is 45 minutes; the remaining 15 minutes may be spent by individual relaxation or swimming.